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At Kiko Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we are a closely-knit team of engineers, techies, architects, educators, and advisors who join forces to shape the world through innovation and ingenuity. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, our consultancy firm tackles a diverse range of multidisciplinary projects with a shared vision of creating positive outcomes for people and communities.


Kiko Solutions has thrived under one unifying purpose: to create positive change for individuals and communities alike. As a people-centered engineering and design consulting company, we have deliberately localized our focus to serve carefully chosen regions and markets. This deliberate approach allows us to prioritize relationships and communities without compromising our expertise. We are dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant community where ideas and solutions are sought, shared and taught.


With a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, Kiko Solutions boasts a robust regional presence that enables us to engage directly with clients and project stakeholders on-site, fostering seamless collaboration. Our close cooperation within our global network enhances our ability to deliver world-class solutions by incorporating global best practices, processes, and tools into our projects using the insights of international experts from the USA and Australia-based companies.


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